WhipSmart Glow in the Dark Bed Restraints with Adjustable Cuffs


WhipSmart Glow in the Dark Bed Restraints with Adjustable CuffsIntroduction Unlock a captivating realm of pleasure and control, blending beginner-friendly designs with the assurance of robust hold. Adult toy of the Glow in the Dark Bed Restraints effortlessly infuses an enticing edge to your intimate escapades. Crafted with precision, the cuffs come with user-friendly closures, making them an inviting choice for those new to the world of bondage. Yet, their steadfast grip ensures even seasoned players are enveloped in an exhilarating experience. Heighten the allure as these cuffs don’t just bind; they glow! Add a playful and tantalizing visual dimension to your encounters. The soft luminescence turns any ordinary room into an arena of sensual discovery. Comes in 2 different colors. No need for specialized furniture or complicated setups. Simply tuck the restraint system beneath your bed and voila! Your everyday resting place is now a sizzling hotspot of dominance, submission, and pure passion. WhipSmart’s design ensures the dominant partner can take the reins, while the restrained party basks in delightful submission. The potential scenarios are limited only by your imagination. Combine these with other toys, or let them shine on their own. For first-timers, communicate openly with your partner about boundaries and desires. The cuffs’ adjustable nature allows for a comfortable yet snug fit. And remember, the glow intensifies the experience – dim the lights and let the cuffs illuminate your night. You can also pair it with bondage toys for couples’ play. Features • Newbie-friendly cuff closures • Secure hold for intense play • Transforms bed into bondage arena • Convenient under-bed tuck system Parameter Category: Bondage Kits Brand: Venusfun

Standard Configuration 1x WhipSmart Glow in the Dark Bed Restraints with Adjustable Cuffs

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