Sportsheets Saffron Finger Flogger


Sportsheets Saffron Finger FloggerIntroduction Indulge in an exhilarating world of sensation with the Saffron Finger Flogger. This elegantly crafted adult toy offers unparalleled pleasure right at your fingertips. Fashioned from faux leather, each of the 40 falls is intricately designed to glide in vibrant scarlet and a sultry black satin finish, ensuring both visual appeal and tactile delight. Crafted for aficionados and beginners alike, the Saffron Finger Flogger stands testament to impeccable design and quality. The faux leather falls are both gentle and assertive, allowing you to calibrate your strokes from a teasing caress to a more intense thwack, giving you complete control over the intensity of the sensation. Feel the soft thud and the gentle sting as each fall meets the skin. Whether you’re looking to evoke soft moans or gasps of anticipation, the Saffron Finger Flogger doesn’t just flog; it flirts with every sense, setting every nerve alight. Ideal for those moments when intimacy calls for a touch of adventure, the Saffron Finger Flogger is incredibly user-friendly. Glide the falls lightly for a teasing sensation, or use a firmer grip for a deeper thud. Many users rave about the versatility of this flogger, allowing them to explore a spectrum of sensations – from the gentle whispers of touch to the more assertive commands of passionate play. Beyond its functional prowess, this bondage toy of the flogger is a visual treat. Its vibrant scarlet combined with a sophisticated black satin finish makes it as much an accessory of desire as it is a tool of pleasure. Whether displayed proudly or teasingly draped, it promises an allure that’s hard to resist. Features • High-quality vegan leather construction • Durable and long-lasting design • Features 40 faux leather falls • Designed with convenient finger loops • Ensures easy and secure grip Parameter Category: Whip Brand: Sportsheets

PU Leather, Iron


Standard Configuration 1x Sportsheets Saffron Finger Flogger

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